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Tall Bed With Storage Room Underneath

Built: 2010/06/27
Added to Webpage: 2010/08/02

My girlfriend had a lot of stuff to move into a small room, so I built her a tall bed with storage room underneath. She already had a double sized mattress and some Sterilite 3-drawer wheeled carts, so I designed the bed to fit the carts underneath, and fit her mattress. The top of the mattress was going to be higher than what is comfortable to climb onto, so I designed the bed to be as thin as possible below the mattress (to keep the height down), while still being strong enough to handle the extra torque on the extra long legs, and be as cheep as possible.
I constructed the bed and it works great for both storage and bed purposes, but my girlfriend didn't want me to photograph her room, so I just have the plans for the bed linked below.

Click the image below to view a .PDF file containing the plans to make the bed: