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Storage Bed / Media Couch

Built: 2009/03/29
Added to Webpage: 2010/07/15

With Victoria being in the top 3 most unaffordable cities in Canada (median cost of living / median income) and my having trouble getting a job in my field during the recession, I can't afford to rent as much living space as I would like to. Because of this, I have built some multifunctional furniture to make as much use of the space as possible.

Below is my computer desk / electrical and mechanical work bench. I use my laptop like a desktop computer, with a separate mouse, keyboard, speakers, and second monitor connected. The laptop, monitors, and speakers are on a shelf, so that I can use the desktop space below them.

I have a desktop computer too, but I mostly just use it as a media server and web server. The laptop folds down, and a KVM switch connects the mouse, keyboard, second monitor, and speakers to the desktop computer:

I can turn the shelf containing the monitors and laptop to face the foot of the bed:

Here is the bed laying flat:

Here is the bed tilted at 45 degrees, facing the TV (Laptop). The mattress used was a flexible double size foam mattress.

Here is the bed tilted at 60 degrees, facing the TV (Laptop).

Here is the bed tilted at 75 degrees, facing the TV (Laptop). I built the bed taking a guesses on what angles would be comfortable, but after building it, I have found that 45 degrees is good for relaxing and watching a movie, 60 degrees is good for being more alert and watching a movie, and I never use 75 degrees.

Here is the bed laying flat again:

Here is the bed tilted toward the wall to access the storage bins underneath. I used 8 Sterilite 125 liter bins that I bought from Walmart Canada, but now they only sell 114 liter bins that are shaped differently and aren't as strong.

Click the image below to view a .PDF file containing the plans to make the bed: