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Portable Stareo Storage Bed / Media Couch Camperized Chevy Astro Van
LED Flashlight AUV Sonar Board BedWoofer
Computer Water-Cooling System Potato Cannon

Potato Cannon

Built: 199X/XX/XX
Added to Webpage: 2010/07/19

I made a good potato canon, I think, in the summer between grade 9 and 10 (1998), that used a 1.5' long, 4" diameter combustion chamber, and a 4' long, 2" diameter potato acceleration tube. That potato canon had good kick to it and really sent the potatos flying! It had a slight problem that if something got stuck in it, the threaded back plate would blow off. Unfortunately, it ended up getting confiscated. In grade 10, a couple friends and I built another potato canon, but this time using a 3" diameter combustion chamber and a 1.5" diameter potato acceleration tube. It wasn't quite as impressive or powerful as the first one, but I didnít have to worry about the back plate blowing off. In the summer of 2006, I was taking a thermodynamics course, which had a project report. A friend and I did the report on the potato canon. It was a very rushed last minute report as we were doing final exams and packing for the Autonomous Underwater Vehical team's trip to the competition site in San Diego the next morning.

Click here to read the report in .PDF format.