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Electrical Engineer and Computer Programmer for hire in Victoria, BC, Canada
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Things I Have Built
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Things I Have Built
Title Page Camping Hot Tub Tall Bed With Storage Room Underneath
Portable Stareo Storage Bed / Media Couch Camperized Chevy Astro Van
LED Flashlight AUV Sonar Board BedWoofer
Computer Water-Cooling System Potato Cannon

Things I Have Built

Here are some projects that I have worked on, mostly at home:

2011/06/29 Camping Hot Tub
2010/06/27 Tall Bed With Storage Room Underneath
2009/10/XX Multi-Purpose, Extra Long Battery Life Boom Box
2009/03/29 Storage Bed / Media Couch
2007/04/29 Camperized Chevy Astro Van
2005/XX/XX LED Flashlight
2004/08/XX AUV Sonar Board
2002/06/11 BedWoofer
2001/XX/XX Computer Water-Cooling System with Thermo Electric Cooler
199X/XX/XX Potato Cannon