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Electrical Engineer and Computer Programmer for hire in Victoria, BC, Canada
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OpenGl, C++ and Winamp plugins:

My first Opengl/C++ program:

I went to http://nehe.gamedev.net/ and started reading their OpenGl tutorials. By the time I got to lesson 4, I got too ambitious and stopped reading the tutorial and downloaded the source code and started playing with it. When I ran out of things I was capable of doing at that point, I continued reading the tutorials to number 6, then I jumped to some of the higher tutorials with the features I specifically wanted to use. I started playing with the code for lesson 4 again, adding bits of code from the higher tutorials. I had gotten fed up with my Geiss-like Java applet not working properly in Internet Explorer, so I thought that maybe I could use OpenGl to draw the 2D Geiss-like images to the screen. After talking to my friend, Marty, I decided to render the frames into an ARGB array using slightly modified java code (had to replace Math.random() with some c++ code, and rename some conflicting global variables) and then create a texture out of this array and draw a polygon to the screen using this texture, and then delete the texture and render the next frame. As I expected, I got a huge frame rate boost from changing from Java to C++ with OpenGl. The only bad part is that I can't imbed it into my web page, but since Internet Explorer didn't support half of my Java programs anyways, it doesn't make much difference.

My programs:

My Geiss-like rendered cube Winamp plugin:
There appears to be a rare bug in this plugin that leaves the video card in a state where you can only see the mouse and not the desktop when you quit and you have to reboot the computer. I have only seen this happen on one computer out of all of the ones that I have tested it on. Make sure you save all open documents before you run this plugin.
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Click here to view the readme file
Click here for Winamp.com's review of it.

Download Winamp from: winamp.com. I personally use Winamp Lite, hidden near the bottom of that download page.

Updated: 03 / 28 / 2003
I had done a lot of work on the plugin, but then my Maxtor 80 gigabyte hard drive died and I lost the source code. I had to revert to the source code I had posted on this web page. That lost work kind of demotivated me a bit and I stopped working on the plugin for a while, but I started back up this week and rewrote some of the features that I had lost. This time, I'll burn a backup CD every time I accomplish something worth saving.
New in this release:
   -Bug fixes
   -k freezes the dynamic texture
   -M increases dynamic texture resolution
   -N splits the dynamic texture calculations between 3 frames for increased frame rate with high resolution textures
   -P uses the rendered scene as a texture in the scene.
   -Y Stretches the dynamic texture across the screen
   -Still Doesn't have a proper configuration GUI, but it now tells you your current configuration before asking you if you want to re-configure.
   - Compile-able to an exe, but the exe doesn't work yet (I had the exe working on the version that I lost when my hard drive died)

Updated: 06 / 22 / 2002
New in this release:
   -Bug fixes
   -Enable/Disable spinning
   -New presets
   -Enable/Disable Frame Rate Limiter
   -Uses less CPU power when frame rate limiter is enabled
   -Uses Nullsoft PIMP Installer
   -Complete Source-Code Rewrite (Split into multiple .cpp files now)
   -Improved readme file

Special thanks to:
    Fizzy (Marty), for his C++ and OpenGl expertise.
    Borg No. One (Locutus) for his Nullsoft PIMP Installer expertise.

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My Geiss-like rendered cube:
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The 256X256 textures version gets about 4x the frame rate of 512X512 version and the frame rate is mostly CPU limited as apposed to video card limited.

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