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Here is a list of all of the courses that I have taken at UVic:

C SC110 - Fundamentals of Programming: I
C SC160 - Fundamentals of Programming: II For Engineers
C SC212 - The Practice of Computer Science
C SC225 - Algorithms and Data Structures: I
C SC230 - Introduction to Computer Architecture
C SC322 - Logic and Programming
C SC330 - Programming Languages
C SC349A - Numerical Analysis: I
C SC360 - Introduction to Operating Systems
C SC370 - Database Systems
C SC405 - Computer Graphics
C SC426 - Computational Geometry

CENG290 - Digital Design: I
CENG355 - Microprocessor-Based Systems
CENG420 - Artificial Intelligence
CENG441 - Design of Digital and VLSI Systems
CENG453 - Parallel and Cluster Computing

CHEM150 - Engineering Chemistry

ELEC216 - Electricity and Magnetism
ELEC220 - Electrical Properties of Materials
ELEC250 - Linear Circuits: I
ELEC260 - Signal Analysis
ELEC300 - Linear Circuits: II
ELEC310 - Digital Signal Processing: I
ELEC320 - Electronic Devices: I
ELEC330 - Electronic Circuits: I
ELEC340 - Electromagnetic Field Theory
ELEC350 - Communications Theory and Systems: I
ELEC360 - Control Theory and Systems: I
ELEC370 - Electromechanical Energy Conversion
ELEC380 - Electronic Circuits: II
ELEC395 - Seminar
ELEC403 - Engineering Design by Optimization
ELEC407 - Digital Signal Processing: II
ELEC459 - Digital Signal Processing: III
ELEC499A - Design Project
ELEC499B - Design Project

ENGL115 - University Writing

ENGR011 - Work Term Preparation Workshop: I
ENGR012 - Work Term Preparation Workshop: II
ENGR150 - Engineering Graphics
ENGR240 - Technical Writing
ENGR280 - Engineering Economics
ENGR297 - Technology and Society
ENGR446 - Technical Report
ENGR498 - Engineering Law

MATH100 - Calculus: I
MATH101 - Calculus: II
MATH122 - Logic and Foundations
MATH133 - Matrix Algebra For Engineers
MATH200 - Calculus of Several Variables
MATH201 - Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH222 - Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics

MECH245 - Engineering Fundamentals: I (Statics and Dynamics)
MECH295 - Engineering Fundamentals: II (Thermo Dynamics)

PHYS122 - Mechanics For Engineers
PHYS125 - Fundamentals of Physics

PSYC100A - Introductory Psychology: Biological and Cognitive Emphasis

SENG265 - Software Development Methods
SENG330 - Object-Oriented Software Development
SENG440 - Embedded Systems

STAT254 - Probability and Statistics For Engineers