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Dylan Hoen

3878 Lancaster Rd.
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8X 2B3

May 27'th, 2013

Dear Potential Employer:

I am seeking full time employment in an electrical engineering or programming related position, based near Victoria, BC, Canada. I'm currently employed in a full time engineering position and I am no-longer actively seeking employment at this time. I might be interested in a small interesting project, but my free time is pretty scarce these days.

I graduated with a bachelor of electrical engineering, DSP option, and a minor in computer science from the University of Victoria.
This website bosts being able to verify my degree:

I have 2 years post secondary experience working in an electrical engineering / programming / jack-of-all-trades position at a small company in Victoria, named, "Reach Technologies".

I know Java, C / C++, Delphi, Perl, PHP, HTML, SQL, QBASIC, Motorola micro controller assembly, Pic micro controller C, AVR microcontroller C, and some OpenGl, Visual Basic, Java Script, and Csh script. From my electronics hobby I have experience designing circuits, making schematics, and soldering the circuits together. I've also done some VHDL. I completed the 600-hour MiniCad career preparation diploma program at Mount Douglas Sr Secondary, which included 100 hours on site work experience.

Here is my resume Short Version or Long Version in PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

My Engr446 report on an LED flashlight that I made can be found Here.

An example of a program I made in java can be found Here, and an OpenGl Winamp plugin that I made in C++ can be found here.
For more of my programming examples go to my programming section.

To see some of my hobby projects that I have constructed, go to my things I have built section.

Some examples of CAD drawings that I did in the MiniCad career preparation program at Mount Douglas Sr Secondary can be found Here.

Click Here for a list of the courses that I have taken at UVic.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to an interview. To contact me, email me at .


Dylan Hoen