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Electrical Engineer and Computer Programmer for hire in Victoria, BC, Canada
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About Dylan
About Dylan
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The above picture was taken in October of 2012.
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About Me:
Name:Dylan Hoen
Age:31 (At least I was when I last updated this page.)
Location:Victoria, BC, Canada
Email:dylanhoen _at_ shaw.ca (change the " _at_ " to "@")
MSN Messenger:dylan_hoen@hotmail.com (Don't send email to this address because I will never spot your email in the 30 spam messages I get per day.)
Linked in:Dylan Hoen

Past Schools:
University of Victoria: 2000-2007: I graduated with a bachelor of electrical engineering, DSP option, and a minor in computer science in June 2007.
-What is an engineer? Click here to find out. (It's meant to be funny and exaggerates a bit, but it's mostly true.)
Mount Douglas Senior Secondary: 1998-2000: Grades 11 to 12. I was in the computer assisted drafting career preparation program, which took up a big chunk of my electives. I was in the top 3 in the school in math and the top 2 in the school in physics.
Arbutus Junior Secondary: 1995-1998: Grades 8 to 10.
Oaklands Elementary School: 1991-1995: From half way though grade 3 to the end of grade 7. I got the highest score in the school on the Gauss Math Test in grade 7.
Quadra Elementary School: 1986-1990: 2 years of French emersion kindergarten, half a year of French emersion grade 1, and then I switched to English grade 1, and then I switched to Oaklands Elementary School half way through grade 3.
Lake Hill Preschool, ABC Kindergarten: I don't remember what years or what order.

Past Jobs:
Did contract programming for a UVic computer science grad student, 2009-2010, worked from home, programmed in Java.
Reach Technologies: 2007-2009, Programmed, designed circuit boards, traveled to trade shows, and other general purpose tasks at a small company.
Mixpo Technologies (AKA Pixpo, AKA How2Share): 2005-2006, I programmed a search engine in C++ and Java.
USNR, Optimization Division: 2005: 4 months programming in C++ in Parksville BC, Canada.
MeasureMasters: 2000-2003: Part time job drafting floor plans on my computer at home.
100 hours of work experience doing computer assisted drafting for school district 63 on Keating Cross Road in 2000.
A paper rout when I was a kid.

Past Clubs, Teams, and Camps:
UVic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team: 2003-2007: We built a submarine that competed in an international competition in San Diego every August. It had to complete an underwater mission, on its own, without any humans or external computers controlling it.
UVic StrangeBrew alcohal making club.
Various summer camps at the Oak Bay Recreation Center and the Cedar Hill Recreation Center, and Science Venture Camp at Camosun Collage and UVic.
I was in Cubs when I was a kid. I don't remember which year.

Hobbies and Interests:
Camping, beach fires, hiking, boating, scuba diving, house parties, LAN parties, aquariums, building things (electronic / mechanical), programming, and digital photography.

Favorite Music:
I listen to many types of music. I donít know what all the categories are called, so here is my current 2006 Winamp playlist instead.

Favorite TV Shows: (I haven't had cable in 2 years and rarely watch TV)
The Daily Show, Trailer Park Boys, Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, Kevin Spencer, The Simpsons, Red Dwarf, Star Gate, Sienfield, Just For Laughs Gags, The Red Green Show, Myth Busters, Junk Yard Wars, How It's Made, and Mr. Wizard's World (1980s).

I own a 1996, Chevy Astro Van, in which I have built a fold up bed with storage underneath for camping and road trips.
Click here for pictures of the camperized van.

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I'm currently looking for an electrical engineering or programming related job in the Victoria area.