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I originally started this home page in grade 9 (1996), and over the years the content has changed greatly. Currently, its main purpose is for potential employers to find out more about me and my projects. It's also here for other people to find out more about me, for programmers to see interesting code examples, and for handy men to see interesting projects to build.

2013 / 05 / 27:

I'm currently employed in a full time engineering position and I am no-longer actively seeking employment at this time. I might be interested in a small interesting project, but my free time is pretty scarce these days.

2012 / 12 / 27:

I am back on the job hunt, so I have added an updated resume: Short Version or Long Version.

2007 / 07 / 31:

I made a Depth of Field and Diffraction Limit Trade-Off Calculator and Grapher.
You heard me.

2003 / 02 / 26:

I changed the structure of my web page from a frames page to a non-frames page, using PHP to load a standard title block on most pages.
I also changed around the directory structure, so there might be some dead links until I find the time to test everything, and convert the rest of the pages to the standard title block.

2002 / 06 / 10:

I just felt like building something (ok I was procrastinating because I didn't want to do homework), so I built a BedWoofer!.

2002 / 05 / 11:

WinAmp.com finally reviewed my plugin 3 weeks after I submitted it, and they added it to their visualization plugins section:
It is currently getting about 10 downloads per hour.
Updated 2002 / 05 / 16 @ 17:52 Pacific North America time: I just checked the download page and I've passed the 1000 download mark. It is currently at 1,008 downloads.

2002 / 04 / 25:

I added a Things I Have Built section to my home page.

2002 / 04 / 19:

I built my first OpenGl Winamp plugin and added it to my OpenGl/C++/Winamp plugins section.

2002 / 04 / 18:

I built my first OpenGl/C++ program and added an OpenGl/C++ section.

2002 / 03 / 29:

I added a new version of my geiss-like java applet to my Java Section.

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